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Clear Lines Festival: Brave Miss World & The Unspeakable Crime: Rape

Earlier this month, filmmaker and academic Winnie M. Li and psychologist Dr. Nina Burrows presented Clear Lines: ‘the first ever festival dedicated to talking about sexual assault and consent through the arts and discussion’. This programme (...)

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Above and Below - East End Film Festival

Above and Below is a charming and inoffensive documentary surrounding the lives of a few outcasts who have completely distanced themselves from ‘ordinary’ life and the society that this comprises. Whether this rejection is a result of their (...)

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Chameleon - East End Film Festival

Chameleon is a light-hearted and genuinely interesting look at the “most successful investigative journalist in Africa:” Ghana-based Anas Aremeyaw Anas, who helps the police investigate serious crimes and reports them back to the public. The (...)

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Generation Right - East End Film Festival

It brought it all back, the years that formed the person I am today: the Thatcher Years. Generation Right is a powerful reminder of why I became a radical community activist. It tells the story of Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Britain’s first female (...)

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Welcome to Leith - East End Film Festival 2015

Watching Welcome to Leith weeks after the shooting in Charleston the stakes are high. The film has at its centre the white supremacist Craig Cobb and is being seen around the world at a time when the reality of racist violence is (momentarily) (...)

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The Divide - East End Film Festival (preview)

An interesting and well-meaning documentary, The Divide presents audiences with a frequently mentioned, though infrequently interrogated, phenomenon- the divide of the rich and the poor in the Western world. The film begins with a quote from (...)

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Tea Time - Sheffield Doc/Fest

Tea Time opens with painted half-smiles on porcelain dolls, mint green buttercream and sugar pearls, strawberries, cherries, and slices of lemon. Women wear floral blouses, tweed jackets, long gold chains strung with turquoise beads, crucifix (...)

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La Ligne de Couleur, Paris press screening

This is one for the francophones amongst you.... Calling La Ligne de Couleur a documentary about the French “minority” experience would be reductive. It is this and much more. It is also a quietly moving and intimate collection of personal (...)

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Enemies of Happiness - Best of Dochouse

Enemies of Happiness/ Vores lykkes fjender is a powerful exploration of the determination and sheer hard work of Malalai Joya in the ten days leading up to the 2005 Afghanistan elections-the first democratic parliamentary election in over 30 (...)

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Les héritiers

« Les héritiers » m’a beaucoup fait sourire. Car on voit à l’écran ceux qu’on voit dans les classes. Avec leurs sincérités et leurs excès. Avec leur capacité aussi, à faire effectivement preuve de respect quand ils sont confrontés au Respectable. Les (...)

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