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The Viewing Booth - Ra’anan Alexandrowicz’s thought experiment

In a lab-like location, Maia Levy, a young Jewish American woman, watches videos portraying life in the occupied West Bank, while verbalizing her thoughts and feelings in real time. Director Alexandrowicz once again explores and denounces the (...)

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Our Picks And The Staircase

In this episode, we discuss our picks of the fortnight and focus on true crime documentary The Staircase and the issues that it brings up. The Dark finale was definitely a highlight, a truly gripping series, with twists and turns as bonkers as (...)

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Three New Documentaries To Watch Now

Documentary Weekly creator Benjamin Hollis shares his top three doc picks available to watch online. Cunningham – Curzon Home Cinema, Amazon Prime, iTunes Trailer As unfortunate and disruptive as the Covid-19 outbreak has been for the film (...)

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Q&A with Yves Gellie, dir. L’Année du robot - Clermont 2020

At the crossroads of art and science, this film centers on human beings and robots as their artificial counterparts. Like a series of archival documents detailing the first contacts and exchanges between human beings and a robot, the film (...)

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Gaza, dir: Gary Keane & Andrew McConnell

Gaza never falters in its intimate portrayal of humans whose lives have been profoundly affected by political decisions made without their consent or interests at heart. The footage is unmanufactured; it is not a passive news report about the (...)

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Soviet Hippies, directed by Terje Toomistu - UK Premiere

Soviet Hippies, director Terje Toomistu’s second creation, is a thoughtful, insightful piece which effortlessly draws you into a counter-cultural pocket of resistance, transporting you to a time of contrasting repression and upheaval. Through the (...)

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Our picks of Arab docs 2: Papa Hedi - the Man Behind the Microphone

Filmmaker Claire Belhassime unbelievably randomly finds out that her grandfather is none other than legendary Tunisian singer Hedi Jouini. As she decides to retrace his life, she uncovers both Hedi’s role in political and social movements and (...)

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Our pick of Arab docs 1

We’ve been watching recently - and not quite yet - released documentaries by Arab filmmakers. We’ll be posting our picks and where to find them in the next few days and weeks, starting with the below. Counting Tiles, dir. Cynthia Choucair (...)

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Short of the Week: 6 Miles Out - One Day in the Life of Gaza Fishermen

This week’s film was one of the highlights of the 2018 edition of the Bristol Palestine Film Festival. 6 Miles Out is a short doc offering an intimate and authentic encounter with a group of fishermen in Gaza as they set out at dawn and follows (...)

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Young and Alive / L’Epoque at LFF 2018

Young and Alive is not quite an apt translation of the original title of this film, L’Epoque, which in its subtitles has been translated as the more accurate "our times". Director Matthieu Bareyre was keen to stress this during the Q&A (...)

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