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Interview with Director Davy Chou, director of Cambodia 2099 Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival

Cambodia 2099 is a French production, or rather co-production. In your opinion, what does the French film industry offer that others don’t, as far as short films are concerned? My group, Vycky Films, which I put together with my friends Jacky (...)

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Interview with Director Bo Mirosseni - Clermont-Ferrand film festival

Where did the inspiration for Maniac come from? I had stayed at that very hotel 6 months prior to filming the short. I was there for a commercial shoot and I was alone for one week while I waited for production to arrive. At first, I thought it (...)

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Interview with Directors Zsuzsanna Kreif and Borbala Zétényi - Clermont-Ferrand film festival

Limbo Limbo Travel is a trip to a realm of fantasies. Where did the inspiration come from? Z: The first idea for the film came after I’d seen an ad in a newspaper for a bus trip to Cuba, offered for women only. Then I imagined these huge women (...)

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Interview with Director Jenny Teng - Clermont-Ferrand film festival

What inspired you to make The Lobster’s Dive? Why did you choose that title? The idea came to me from a Zen tale. A Chinese emperor offers his daughter’s hand in marriage to he who can find a vase at the bottom of a lake. Thousands of suitors (...)

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Interview with Director Bertrand Mandico- Clermont-Ferrand film festival

Had you already explored filial relationships in your earlier work? Yes, Boro in the Box also dealt with filial relationships. In that film, there was a pregnant mother who throws herself into an abyss to rid herself of the child; the same (...)

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Interview with Director Daria Yurkevich- Clermont- Ferrand film festival

Had you written, participated in or directed any films prior to Mamie, Vanya et la chèvre [Grandma, Vanya and the Goat]? Yes, I completed my studies at Le Fresnoy, the national studio for contemporary arts. There I made one fiction short film (...)

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Interview with Pierre-Emmanuel Urcun- Clermont- Ferrand Film Festival

Why is Le Dernier des Céfrans [The Last of the Frenchmen set in the banlieue*? Couldn’t your heroes have come from Paris or even the countryside? The film takes place in the banlieue because for the last ten years I’ve been living mainly in the (...)

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British presence at Clermont

Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival entries are closed for two months but my participation in the festival wouldn’t end without twinkling an eye on British Presence during this festival. Here we are! And first : British Council (...)

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Une sélection de films – Clermont Ferrand 2013

Cette année encore, Clermont-Ferrand a été LE lieu de la Fête du Court-Métrage. Le formidable et contagieux engagement culturel de l’association « Sauve qui peut le court-métrage » est plus fort et vivant que jamais. La Cérémonie de remise des prix a (...)

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La Cérémonie de Clôture – Festival de Clermont-Ferrand 2013

Il est déjà temps de repartir, bien que quitter Clermont-Ferrand, après toutes ces belles rencontres humaines et cinématographiques, soit amer pour beaucoup d’entre nous. Je prépare déjà mon petit Top5 de films, mes merveilles de l’édition 2013, tout en (...)

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[1programmation Internationale numéro 13 parmi la sélection retenue par le Festival de Clermont-Ferrand

[2réalisateur entre autres de « Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind »

[3prochaine édition : du au 1er au 9 février 2014 !