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Thrive (Jamie Di Spirito, 2019) A sublimely intelligent and sensitive film, which sees a hook-up move into a challenging conversation. A naked man wakes up, lights up a cigarette and smokes out the window – through which the daylight outside (...)

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Q&A with Ioseb “Soso” Bliadze, dir. Tradition - Clermont 2020

Two German tourists travel around Georgia and encounter the country’s culture, traditions and some more conservative attitudes. A brave film in which the director’s passion for the subject and anger at the prejudices faced by many gay people in (...)

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Love Is The Devil - Blu-Ray release

The BFI has just re-released ‘Love is the Devil’ on Blu-Ray. First released in 1998, this is a film portraying the destructive relationship between Francis Bacon and his muse and lover, George Dyer. The film culminates in Dyer’s suicide on the eve (...)

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Stories of our Lives - Film Africa 2015

Stories of our Lives is a sequence of five tales sourced from real life experiences of gay Kenyans. The film uses the same crisp, saturated black and white photography across its five sections. Even though this creates a flattening of visual (...)

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Stranger by the Lake (L’inconnu du Lac)

Alain Guiraudie’s erotic gay thriller is located in rural France and takes place over ten summer days. Set on the shores of a vast inviting lake, a small group of men spend the day building up all-over tans in between swimming and cruising around (...)

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XXY weaves together three landscapes: the fluidity of the ocean, the violence of the scientist’s laboratory and the arid determinacy of life on dry land. Fifteen year old Alex, who so far has been subsumed by neither a male nor female gendered (...)

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