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Notre jour viendra (Our day will come)

Currently showing at the Edinburgh Film Festival (2011) La sortie en salles du premier long-métrage de Romain Gavras, Notre jour viendra, n’a eu d’autre écho dans la presse qu’un silence gêné. Peu de critiques attitrés lui ont consacré plus de deux (...)

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If I want to whistle I whistle (Premiere in Paris)

The protagonist of this film is mild-mannered eighteen year-old prison inmate Silviu. Just before he is due to be released, his mother tells him that she plans to take his younger brother with her and go abroad. Although he only has fifteen days (...)

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The Robber (Premiere in Paris)

Benjamin Heisenberg’s offering is very hard to classify in terms of genre. Although the colours are sobre, the dialogue minimalist and the pace on the slow side, tension is solidly maintained throughout the film, more efficient and uneasy than (...)

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Mundane History (Premiere in Paris)

Mundane History is Thai director Anocha Suwichakornpong’s first feature film and was part of this year’s competition. Winner of 2 best feature film awards at the 2010 International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Transilvania International Film (...)

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XXY weaves together three landscapes: the fluidity of the ocean, the violence of the scientist’s laboratory and the arid determinacy of life on dry land. Fifteen year old Alex, who so far has been subsumed by neither a male nor female gendered (...)

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Transamerica, a gendered perspective!

I first caught Transamerica about 15 min in, on a tiny television set in a small family-run hotel in St Malo. That was back in 2006, about a year after its release and I was working as a tour guide in France. In the first few minutes this is (...)

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