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K Drama Special #1: Introverted Boss - Is it worth watching?

Friday 3 March 2017, by Mydylarama team , Nandini Uppluri

This series is primarily aimed at the Kdrama enthusiasts amongst you. Radio aficionado and a self-proclaimed Kdrama addict, Nandini Uppluri, offers running commentary on the latest Korean dramas she’s currently watching (in India) in a series of vlogs, the first of which we’re posting this week.

We are amidst a Korean WAVE! To those already in its depths, a ’Hallyu wave’. Korean culture is washing over many parts of Western life and spreading globally. From their high quality and technologically advanced beauty products to the rise of Kpop, it is difficult to miss it or its influence in many of the things we consume. Part of this is the ever expanding subculture of watching Korean dramas, most often with subtitles in the language known to the viewer.

Korean dramas are also known as Kdrama. Almost all Korean dramas are complete stories told in usually between 16 to 22 episodes (sometimes many more) involving at least two love triangles (often with the one losing out on the relationship being the better character) that air on Korean TV channels. They aren’t divided into seasons, and within Kdrama, there are many sub-categories, such as gender bender, ’noona’ (older sister) love stories, comedy, melodrama, fantasy, historical, fusion historical, etc. In addition, Koreans are true masters of cliff hangers. For this reason, one thing that all good Kdrama has in common is its highly addictive nature.

Some Korean dramas that have come out from 2015 onwards are generally of a higher calibre than the classics, straying away from the classic narratives by adding many new dimensions to characters and diversifying plots.

With the end of the three big Korean dramas airing at the end of 2016, Goblin, Legend of the Blue Sea and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, searching to fill the void, Nandini comes to learn of a new drama called Introverted Boss (also known as Shy Boss or Sensitive Boss) and is intrigued by the title. After watching the first two episodes, is it possible to tell whether the show is worth watching?

Introverted Boss (Shy/Sensitive Boss)| Is it worth watching?

Have you been watching? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting us @mydylarama.

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